We dropped off the car at Avis as planned.  Or at least nearly so.  The vehicle was booked on a 21 day hire package and we were an hour or so early in trying to return it.  To change this meant recalculating all the hire costs.  Nobody wanted to do that. The solution appeared to be that we were given the hire agreement number and that we went into the office on arrival at Wellington where they would complete the hire and print out the paperwork.  A bit strange but it appears to have worked.
Having got rid of the car we checked in our baggage and boarded the boat.  We found ourselves a nice comfortable bit of saloon and settled down to the crossing.  The weather was better than the previous evening; the wind had dropped. But it was still pretty claggy and the sound wasn’t much to look at as we passed through.  We had definitely seen it at its best when we drove the Queen Charlotte Drive on our way to Havelock.

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