Hanmer Springs

Hanmer Springs is a spa town, catering for tourists summer and winter. After a bit of rain during the night, when we wake there is a rainbow in the sky. Hopefully it will reman sunny.


We had decided that we would devote today to the hot springs so, shortly after 9.00, we grabbed swimming gear and the towels thoughtfully provided by the motel and made our way there. Too early! They don’t open until

Oops. A bit early I think.
Oops. A bit early I think.

10.00. So we wandered over to a little souvenir shop where we had seen something the previous evening. It too was shut and a notice in the window said that it was shut all day due to church attendance. On a Saturday?! So we wandered around a bit to kill time.

Back at the springs just before 10.00, all ready to go. One minor problem. I thought Jane had both our swim suits. That’s not the case so it’s a rapid walk to the motel and back for me. Even so, we are among the first into the complex. As we are neophytes at all this we follow Jim and Sheila into pools of different sorts – warm, hot, shower, bubble, sulphurous. Even the one where the water is circulated round a track and you are swept along clutching a floating board. Everything is very clean and well presented, which is apparently not always the case.

Eventually we decide that we have had enough so we leave and go back to the motel to return the towels. Then off to buy sandwiches and other bits for lunch before we launch the car at a gravelled road up towards Jack’s Pass and the Clarence Valley road.  This is a bit of a worrying drive as the road is narrow and twisting. Not quite sure what will happen if we meet a mad Kiwi driver coming the other way. Fortunately we don’t and we arrive safely at the top where we stop for our picnic. As it is blowing hard we stay in the car.

When we are back down it is time to use some more of our all day entry fee to the spa. We pick up more towels (the motel appears to have an endless supply) and make our way over to repeat the process. On leaving we discover that the sand flies have been attracted to the bits of Jane which have remained above water. Towels back to the motel and off to the pizzeria (which just happens to be part of the Irish pub) where we eat one more pizza than necessary.

There are no photographs taken inside the spa in order to preserve participants’ modesty.

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