Off boating again

We had decided to set off from home good and early so that we could arrive at Eurotunnel  with an opportunity of an early voyage under the Channel. So out of the door just after ten and on our way to Sainsbury’s to pick up lunch. Sudden realisation that we haven’t got Jane’s driving license which might be useful in France.  Fortunately Andrew is playing cricket and is able to pick up the license and bring it over.

Driving licence gratefully received!
Driving licence gratefully received!


Smooth trip round the M25 and M20 to the Folkestone terminal and we are almost 2 hours early for out 1450 train.  We are able to book for 1350. Unfortunately, when the train boards there seem to be too many high vehicles and flexiplus and two lines of us are left to wait for the 1420. So just half an hour gained. Had lunch while waiting and were watched closely by the seagulls.

Looking hungry

Once in Coquelles we go to Auchan to pick up fuel and Majestic for beer and wine.  Then off down the autoroute towards Rouen.  Before we get there the satnav sends us off down a series of minor roads, including some “Stop” signs for which there seems no particular justification. Arrived in Les Andelys, a pretty town on the edge of the Seine, where Chris and Bruce have moored TORTUS in front of a restaurant

TORTUS moored in front of the restaurant
TORTUS moored in front of the restaurant

We offload the car to reduce the temptation of a break in and have supper. Really great to see them again.

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